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Narvi Stonet Electric Sauna Heater

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The old ones are always the best!’

It is no secret that the Stonet was set to be discontinued on account of its rather dated design. This however was not possible due to the popular demand of the Stonet. What this heater lacks in style, it truly makes up for in löyly. Although some users find this heater rather elegant, we believe the design looks somewhat old-fashioned. It seems the public were willing to overlook this products simple, slightly dated aesthetic because Narvi had produced a heater whose large surface area and stone capacity provided the ideal conditions for an exceptional löyly. In fact, the extremely loyal customers of this product swear that the soft, moist löyly of this heater is the best available from an electric heater. After all, the old ones are always the best!

Despite being an older model, the heater still comes with a digital control unit that can be fitted in the sauna or outside it. It is also built using Narvi’s 8.5 mm heating elements that dramatically reduce the products chance of over-heating, whilst guaranteeing a long operational life. The Stonet can also be fitted in small saunas due to its low safety distance requirements. The Stonet can also be fitted neatly in the corner of a sauna using the Kota Corner Assembly Stand.

This heater can be easily installed by a qualified electrician on both single phase and three phase power supplies, with the use of the 'Narvi N2014E Power Card, Control Unit & Thermostat', which can be bought together. To learn more about installing electrical heaters on domestic power supplies, see our "How to choose the right sauna heater" page.

Model Stonet 6 kW Stonet 9 kW
Capacity of the sauna 5–8 m³ 8–14 m³
Power 6 kW 9 kW
Measurements and weight
Height 88 cm 88 cm
Width 43 cm 43 cm
Depth 31 cm 31 cm
Heater weight / Amount of stones 20 kg / 60 kg 20 kg / 60 kg
Fuse 3 x 10 A 3 x 16 A
Connecting cable 5 x 1,5 5 x 2,5
Encasing stainless steel stainless steel
Safety distances*
To the sides 30 mm 30 mm
In front 250 mm 250 mm
Upwards 1000 mm 1000 mm
To the rear 30 mm 30 mm
To the floor 30 mm 30 mm

 * Safety distances are to combustible materials.

Finnish Key Flag Symbol, CE Marked and Finnmark Ethos

Please note, we recommend that sauna heaters should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician/builder/plumber/fitter. Finnmark Limited accepts no liability for loss or injury caused by the incorrect installation of your sauna heater. Please Contact Us if you require information on our recommended fitters.