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Welcome to Finnmark Sauna

Names for Sauna and Sweat Bathing from across the Nordic Countries and Baltic Region | Finnmark Sauna

Authentic Sauna Experiences...

Finnmark Sauna are the UK’s authentic sauna specialists. We at Finnmark Sauna appreciate that for too long, the sauna experience has been misappropriated. Sauna has its roots in Finland and across the baltic region, and we understand that there are a range of nuances to thermal bathing depending on where you are from and which sauna cultures you most enjoy. Whether you want a Russian Banya or a Swedish Bastu, a Lithuanian Pirtis, a Latvian Pirts, an Estonian Saun or a traditional Finnish sauna; if German sauna and ‘aufguss’ is your thing, or if you’re passionate about sauna whisking and ‘venik’, we pride ourselves on being the experts in the sauna field. We tailor our service to your specific needs, ensuring no matter what your tastes, you’re enjoying your truly Authentic Sauna Experience.

Learn more about the differences in thermal bathing across the Baltic and Nordic States
Sauna Twins Jake and Max after a wood burning sauna and cold plunge in Finland

A Family Business...

Finnmark Sauna are a family business founded by Jake and Max, two brothers impassioned by their found love of Finnish sauna and their disappointment at the poor appropriations of saunas in the UK. It’s with their obsession with quality, authenticity and durability, and their will to reshape the wellness industry creating authentic sauna experiences that are truly enjoyed and not simply tolerated, that Finnmark has made its name as market leaders. It is thanks to our team of friendly, motivated sauna enthusiasts who share this vision, and our insistence on only representing quality Nordic and European brands, that ensures when people think sauna, they think Finnmark Sauna.

Learn more about Finnmark Sauna and our team!

Sauna Installation Services:

Home Sauna Installation

Bespoke Sauna Installations

We at Finnmark Sauna are UK based specialists in designing and building high quality bespoke sauna installations, tailored to your preferred style, design or version of the sauna experience. With an outstanding reputation for quality and service, we are prepared to go above and beyond to give you your perfect sauna installation. Whether a home sauna installation, a garden sauna cabin or a large commercial sauna fitout, we will work with you to tailor the ideal sauna for your space, design preferences and budget.

Our Bespoke Sauna Design and Installation Process
Outdoor Sauna Cabin Installation

Traditional Finnish Log Sauna Cabins

Finnish Log Saunas are a unique and beautiful way to enjoy a traditional sauna experience. We exclusively work with a third generation log building company from the Finnish Arctic Circle to create the highest quality traditional Finnish log saunas.

Mobile Sauna and Trailer Build

Mobile Saunas and Trailers

We are experts in constructing Sauna Trailers, both commercial and domestic. Take a look at our outdoor installations for more information.

Attic and loft sauna conversion

Indoor Sauna Installations

Take a look at our most recent bespoke sauna installations

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Outdoor Sauna Building

Outdoor Sauna Installations

Take a look at our most recent bespoke outdoor sauna installations

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Sauna Room Heating Calculator

Heating Calculator

Our online sauna heater power calculator shows you computational volume and which sauna heaters are suitable for your space.

Sauna Health Benefits and Cold Plunge

Sauna Health Benefits

It is undeniable that sauna bathing has considerable health benefits, take a look at our Sauna Health Benefits section where we have a range of articles on how it can promote fitness recovery, pain relief, sleep improvement and aid addiction.


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Cold water plunges with sauna - What are the health benefits of regular cold exposure?

Unwind in style: Sauna as a part of the garden

Unwind in style: Sauna as a part of the garden

“Saunatruck” Mobile Sauna at Eurovision 2023

“Saunatruck” Mobile Sauna at Eurovision 2023

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