Narvi Slim Electric Sauna Heater 9kW Black / Wifi Controller / 20kg Boxes of Premium Vulcanite Sauna Stones Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Slim Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Slim Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Slim Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Slim Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna

Narvi Slim Electric Sauna Heater

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Product description

The sleek, modern design of the Narvi Slim has great potential for innovative sauna design. The Slim can be fitted with ease, either on a high base or recessed into the sauna benching. The bench collar or high base are available in the Sauna Accessories section of our site. The Narvi Slim is also a great choice as a freestanding heater for narrower sauna rooms. In order to provide to accommodate for the narrower design without compromising on Narvi’s renowned löyly, this heater has a greater width which has the added benefit of spreading the heat more evenly throughout the sauna.

This heater looks great in both modern and traditional sauna designs and comes with a separate control unit which is a stylish and practical way to accurately control the sauna temperature.  This control unit can be fitted outside the sauna too. The heater is also compatible with other control units and thus is available as a standalone. However, please note that a control unit is required for this heater to function.

The addition of white cover stones to the heater will ensure an elegant, refined sauna experience. The heating elements of Narvi electric sauna heaters have an exceptionally large diameter (8.5 mm), improving the durability of the product and increasing its lifespan, as well as reducing the chance of overheating significantly.

The Slim can be safely and stylishly installed within sauna benching with the use of an installation flange. To install the Narvi Slim within raised benching, you will also require the Narvi Slim Raised Installation Base.

This heater must be installed by a qualified electrician and can be easily installed on both single phase and three phase power supplies.

Correct connection of your Narvi electrical sauna heater in the UK -

*Installation and maintenance must be done by a certified electrician

*Electricity supply must be isolated and/or switched off from the fuse panel prior to any installation or servicing work

*In accordance with European standard IEC 60364-7-703 part 703.412.5 an electrical sauna heater does not have to be connected through a Residual Current Device (RCD). This is also in accordance with BS7671:2018 part 703.411.3.3.

*For reliable operation, Narvi strongly recommends that the power supply should not be connected through a Residual Current Device (RCD)

*Other electrical devices in a sauna room should be connected through a Residual Current Device (RCD)

*The power supply cable must comply with BS7671:2018

*The instruction manual of the product and local electrical regulations must be followed

To learn more about installing electrical heaters on domestic power supplies, see our "How to choose the right sauna heater" page.

Product Specification

Model Narvi Slim 600 Narvi Slim 900
The capacity of the sauna 5–8 m³ 8–14 m³
Power 6 kW 9 kW
Measurements and weight
Height 70 cm 70 cm
Width 62 cm 62 cm
Depth 24 cm 24 cm
Heater weight / Amount of stones 17 kg / 30 kg 17 kg / 30 kg
Fuse 3 x 10 A 3 x 16 A
Connecting cable 5 x 1.5 5 x 2.5
Safety distances*
To the sides 60 mm 60 mm
Upwards 1200 mm 1200 mm
To the floor 30 mm 30 mm

 * Safety distances are to combustible materials.

Single Phase 230V Power Supply Three Phase 400V Power Supply
Heater Power Rating
Recommended Cable Specification Recommended MCB specification Recommended Cable Specification Recommended MCB specification
3 Core Single Pole 5 Core Triple Pole
(kW) (mm²) (A) (mm²) (A)
4.5 2.5 20 1.5 10
6 6 32 1.5 10
6.8 6 32 1.5 10
9 10 40 2.5 16
10.5 N/A N/A 2.5 16

About Narvi Oy

Product Disclaimers

All Narvi sauna heaters are CE tested and bear the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. This is awarded to sauna heaters that are made and designed in Finland, where over 95% or more of the production must be within Finland itself. There are many brands that claim to be made in Finland but are actually made in the Far East or Russia and merely assembled or labelled in Finland. Watch out for these symbols as a mark of an authentic, Finnish-made, safe, quality product:

Finnish Key Flag and CE Marked

As part of Finnmark Sauna's Endurance Ethos, we only deal with products that are market leaders in quality. We commit ourselves to search exhaustively for the highest quality authentic Finnish sauna products.

Please note, we recommend that sauna heaters should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician/builder/fitter. Finnmark Limited accepts no liability for loss or injury caused by the incorrect installation or misuse of your sauna heater. Please Contact Us if you require information on our recommended fitters.

Technical Specification
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