Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen Gluelam Log - 88mm x 170mm Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna
Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen  Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna
Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen  Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna
Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen  Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna
Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen  Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna
Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen  Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna
Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen  Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna
Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen  Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin Finnmark Sauna

Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabin 16S Kumpunen

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The outdoor log sauna cabin 16S Kumpunen is sauna cabin in Puumanni's standard outdoor sauna cabin range, with a twin pitched roof and a large front decking & sheltered porch. The sauna cabin has a large anteroom for changing and relaxing, out of the wind in winter, and a spacious sauna room, with an upper and lower benches, a floor drain and correct sauna ventilation set up. The sauna can have both a wood burning or electric sauna heater within.

The cabin comes in a range of log thicknesses and log types depending on the sturdiness required:

Massive log is made from a whole log profile with a twin tongue and groove, this more substantial log option has seals between the tongue and grooves as well as wind blocks in the corners to keep the corners tight and prevent drafts. Massive log is prone to splitting along the log over time as it further seasons, this is normal and most owners of massive log cabins see this as part of the charm of having a log cabin. 

If you wish to maintain a clean looking aesthetic without splits along the logs should choose Gluelam log. Gluelam or Glue laminated log is made from two or more logs cut and glued together with very strong wood adhesive. This improves the integrity of the logs, but from the outside they look the same as massive log and are available in many of the same same profile sizes. Gluelam logs also have a twin tongue and groove and the same insulation and draft prevention of massive log but with the reduced risk of splitting along the grain.

The cabin comes with high quality, sturdy and durable doors, double glazed windows and fixtures and fittings. There are specialist gaps left to allow the cabin to settle over time and large bolts run the full height of the cabin in the corners to allow the whole structure to be tightened as it seasons over time. Twin pitched cabins have specialist sliding hinges that allow the whole structure to move and settle naturally without tearing itself or the roof apart.

The cabin should be installed on a raised level foundation although this can be done relatively easily and inexpensively with stone tiles, breeze-blocks, concrete and damp-course, the cabins can also be installed with ease onto groundscrews. The cabin comes with a Finnish mineral felt roofing, though this could be substituted for a rubber EPDM, cedar shingle or even a green roof on request. The cabin can be oiled or painted in a range of colours and styles to suit your required aesthetic.

The cabin has roof and floor voids for additional insulation. Foil backed sauna safe insulation boards and vapour tape are included within this bundle. We recommend this additional floor and ceiling insulation to improve the heat up time and efficiency of your sauna experience.

As with all Puumanni cabins, adjustments and alterations in the log cabins layout, such as larger windows and different door location, can be made as. Please note, layout alterations typically add to the cost of the cabin.

The list price covers all materials and delivery within England (except Cornwall) additional delivery charges may apply to other areas in the United Kingdom, please contract us for details. If you are looking for a full service installation rather than materials only, please contact us to discuss the options and get a quote. This installation takes a skilled team of 3 persons 5 days to complete.

About Puumanni

Finnmark have searched exhaustively to find what they perceive to be the best sauna cabin company in the world. They have found exactly that in Puumanni, a third-generation sauna and log cabin building company based in Paltamo near the arctic circle in Finland. These artisan sauna cabin builders take the utmost pride in the quality of their work and in innovation to ensure their cabins are the best. All Puumanni cabins are made to order from hand-selected materials; slow-grown, sustainably sourced, Finnish timber that is selected for its tight growth rings, fewer knots and its straightness.

The customer must always check local planning laws and regulations to ensure they are compliant. Finnmark Ltd accepts no responsibility for installations where the customer has not sought checked with the local planning authority to ensure the cabin does not need planning permission. The customer should always seek planning permission where needed. Finnmark Ltd are not planning advisers and any advice given by Finnmark Ltd regarding planning is advisory only. Always check with your local council or planning authority.


Purchasing & Delivery

Before You Buy

To avoid disappointment on day of delivery, be sure to measure the area you plan to place your new sauna equipment and compare this with measurements under the product specification tab, before placing your order. Please ensure you measure any doorways (height and width) through which any large sauna equipment must pass to get to its final position. Identify any delivery obstacles and check that the sauna equipment can clear any stairs, low ceilings, sharp corners or elevators. Please note, we use independent couriers to deliver all our products and thus we cannot confirm whether the courier is willing and able to help with delivery beyond the threshold of the property. Should you require any specialist delivery support, please contact us to discuss ahead of your purchase.


- Recorded Next Day Delivery* is available on all marked products for orders to the UK Mainland. The product will be marked as such within the product description ("Order before 2pm to guarantee next day delivery on this item") where this service is offered. The customer must order before 2pm to guarantee receipt of the product Next Day*. * Next Day Delivery guarantees next working day only, for orders within UK Mainland.

- All other products** are subject to 3-10 working days shipping time with tracked and recorded courier. Please note, some of our items are shipped direct from manufacturer. ** Excludes sauna cabins & installations.

- Sauna Cabin delivery times can vary considerably, especially those that are made to order. Please contact us for manufacturing and delivery time estimates for sauna cabins. Where installation for cabins and bespoke installations is requested, this will be completed in the next available time window which may be sometime after the delivery of goods. Please contact us to confirm delivery and installation requirements and timings.

- Expedited Delivery or installation services may be available upon request, but extra charges will apply.

Warranty Information

Manufacturers Warranty

A two year manufacturers warranty applies on all products commencing from the point of sale/purchase from Finnmark Ltd.

#1: What does this warranty cover?

The warranty covers it covers any defects in material and workmanship under normal use. A warranty claim cannot be made on domestic equipment being installed in a commercial environment.

#2: What will we do to correct problems?

In the rare case that a warranty claim is required, Finnmark Ltd provide replacements for any confirmed broken parts of a product. Where this is not possible, Finnmark may offer a replacement but the customer may be required to return the product to Finnmark Ltd or to the manufacturer, at the customers expense. The customer should follow the claims procedure laid out below.

#3: How long does the coverage last?

The manufacturers warranty covers all items purchased directly from Finnmark Ltd for 2 years commencing the point of sale/purchase by the customer.

#4: What does this warranty not cover?

The following are not covered by the manufacturers warranty:
- Theft or loss of the product.
- Usage of domestic equipment within a commercial environment.
- Damage of a product resulting from negligence.
- Damage of a product resulting from unauthorized modification of the product.
- Damage caused by natural disaster.
- Consequential and indirect damage caused.

#5: What do you have to do?

To make a warranty claim, the customer is required to:
- Provide all information required by Finnmark to assess the issue.
- Finnmark Ltd may request detailed photographs of the product. For example a heater may require photos of the elements, power supply and drivers to assess what may be required to fix the product.
- Finnmark Ltd will make a judgement based on this information as to what replacement parts may be needed or if the product needs to be returned and replaced.
- Where a replacement is granted, the customer must first return the initial product to Finnmark Ltd or may be required to be sent to the product manufacturer, this will be confirmed by Finnmark Ltd during the claims procedure. The return shall be at the expense of the customer and should be sent via a recorded courier service. Finnmark Ltd holds no liability for items lost or damaged in transit.

#6: Applicable Laws

All warranty claims are handled in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom where Finnmark Ltd is based and registered.

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- Credit & Debit Card (including Mastercard, Visa & American Express)
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