Bespoke Sauna Installations

Finnmark Sauna is the home of exceptional bespoke Finnish sauna. With an outstanding reputation for specialising in authentic custom-made designs, we are prepared to go above and beyond to give you your perfect sauna – A sauna created exclusively for your home, with your style, and at your budget.

Finnmark Sauna offer a unique and highly personalised bespoke sauna service. We combine traditional Finnish sauna construction and design principles such as proper ventilation, heater placement, insulation and vapour sealing; with modern design practices, using state-of-the-art CAD and virtual reality to help you create your perfect sauna and see exactly what it will look like before a single board is laid.

We have an almost limitless range of material options to fit your specific needs.It allows you to decide all facets of your sauna design and installation, whether modern or traditional, light or dark, big or small, Finnmark Sauna will help you build that dream sauna.


The most beautiful custom built Finnish sauna. Jake and the team are highly knowledgeable, passionate, precise. They love what they do and do it brilliantly. The entire team are faultless. Couldn't recommend them more highly

— Sally Woodward Gentle


Depending on your personal specification, design astes, and material choices; a bespoke sauna installation in a domestic residence typically ranges from around £15,000-£60,000. Saunas that are much larger, more unusually designed, in spaces with difficult access, or large commercial grade saunas can cost more to produce.







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