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Wood Burning Sauna Heaters

A wood burning sauna heater uses a wood fire to generate the heat that is characteristic of a sauna. As with electric sauna heaters, wood burning heaters heat a large volume of Finnish olivine diabase sauna stones, onto which water is poured. This creates the distinctive löyly (pronounced 'low-lou', meaning sauna steam or sauna atmosphere) of an authentic Finnish sauna experience.

Finnmark are the sole UK based importer and distributor for Narvi, Aito and Kota wood burning sauna heaters. In line with the Finnmark Endurance ethos, we only sell authentic Finnish-made sauna heaters with market-leading build quality, that are CE marked and bear the Finnish 'Key Flag' symbol. The 'Key Flag' is awarded to products genuinely made in Finland. Here at Finnmark, we are firm believers that if you are going to have a sauna, you ought to do it properly, as the Finns intended.

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