Sauna Cladding

Internal sauna cladding has a large impact on how your sauna room will look, smell and feel, whilst external cladding ensures a pleasant overall appearance along with resistance to outside influences including harsh weather and destructive wildlife. We offer various cladding widths which can be selected to perfectly fit the size and style of your sauna. Your cladding choice will depend on the sauna space, perspective and visual interest. Choosing your panels is all about your personal preference and we’ve styles to fit the atmosphere and interior specs you wish to create. When it comes to timber cladding thickness it is imperative to only use boards that are at least 14mm thick. It’s the minimum thickness allowed by law in Finland, and for good reason: cladding thinner than this will invariably warp and become damaged within the sauna’s harsh environment. As for the width of your cladding timber, Finnmark primarily supplies four sizes: 90mm, 120mm, 140mm, and 170mm.