Top 5 Sauna Accessories 2019
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Top 5 Sauna Accessories

Sep 25, 2019

#5 The Sauna Hat

As strange as it may sound (and often look) to many people in the UK, the sauna hat is a staple of sauna bathing in Finland. Many of our customers have become strong converts and advocates for the strange-looking bell-shaped sauna wear once they decide to give it a go – and for good reason; as the head is the part of the body most often exposed to the sauna’s heat, it is the part that requires the most protection. A sauna hat protects the head by keeping it cool and preventing premature overheating which, by extension, allows the enjoyment of longer sauna sessions.

A sauna hat protects the head by keeping it cool and preventing premature overheating which, by extension, allows the enjoyment of longer sauna sessions.

For people looking to experience the full benefits of sauna use, the ability to engage in longer sessions is one of the main reasons to get themselves a sauna hat. Longer sauna sessions that are repeated in higher frequencies result in far greater positive physiological benefits. These include a decreased risk of respiratory diseases and of developing high blood pressure, along with a much lower overall risk of death from heart disease.

Other benefits of the sauna hat include the protection it provides against hair loss and damage, particularly for regular sauna goers. Hairdressers recommend using hair protection in the sauna (especially after having your hair dyed) and the sauna hat provides this protection to an excellent standard.

Felt and linen-cotton blends are considered two of the best fabrics with which to make sauna hats because of their ability to provide high levels of both comfort and insulation. The hat is soaked in water before being worn in the sauna. This water then evaporates; cooling the persons head whilst simultaneously refreshing them.

#4 The Sauna Towel and Sauna Seat Cover

This is a must-have for any sauna user, whether frequent or infrequent. Sauna towels and seat covers both have three primary functions: to maintain hygienic sauna environments by preventing bodily fluids from being left on the sauna’s benches, to protect skin against the potential heat of the bench surface, and to provide a soft and comfortable surface on which to relax.

sauna towels

Good quality sauna towels and seat covers are specially made for their intended purpose by companies who specialise in designing and making sauna products. They are usually made from cotton and linen, which means that they are exceptionally absorbent and insulating, as well as having a soft and luxurious feel. High-quality fabrics, such as those sold by Finnmark have the added benefit of becoming gentler and softer over time, as well as being hypoallergenic. For added comfort, sauna pillows and headrests made from the same material enable an even more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Despite their overlapping uses, there are important distinctions between the two products. Sauna towels are often thicker and softer to the touch, and they have the added use of removing excess sweat both during and after sauna use. Sauna seat covers on the other hand usually remain on the sauna bench and make a pleasing aesthetic addition to the sauna which softens and personalises the room.

#3 Sauna Scents and Oils

Spending time in a traditional sauna has many undeniable benefits on its own. But introducing aromatherapy into the environment significantly increases many of these benefits, along with making the overall experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

For thousands of years, aromatherapy has been recognised for its therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Numerous scientific publications have demonstrated aromatherapy’s benefits for human use, including its positive effects on stress reduction and depression, physical pain relief, and sleep improvement. Combining this with sauna has the unique advantage of allowing the scents and oils to be continuously inhaled and absorbed dermally, thus increasing the therapy’s overall effectiveness.

sauna scents sauna oils

Unlike essential oils, which when vaporised can cause the formation of carcinogenic gas (Formaldehyde), [sauna oils and scents] are created and developed specifically for sauna use. This means that they can provide all the benefits but with none of the dangers.

Sauna scents are poured into the sauna pail to be diluted in the water and then poured onto the sauna stones. This is what creates the therapeutic steam. Sauna oils, which are more concentrated than sauna scents, are put into water once it has been ladled out of the pail and is about to be thrown onto the stones. It is important not to put the scents and oils directly onto the sauna stones, as this will not create the high-quality aromatherapeutic steam sauna bathing is so renowned for and has the potential to damage electric sauna heaters.

An alternative method of dispersal comes in the form of sauna scent and oil diffusers. This allows a steady release of scent throughout the duration of a sauna bath, as the soapstone diffuser is sat in the hot stones with a few drops of oil or scent inside, into which water is also poured. The slow and gentle boiling of this water creates a longer-lasting and more pleasant sauna steam and also creates a soothing and aesthetically pleasing addition to any sauna heater – even more so when it comes as part of a soapstone water fountain diffuser.

The sauna scents and oils that can be purchased today come in a huge range of fragrances, including eucalyptus, arctic berry, and smoky glow, and all contribute their own benefits and unique atmosphere to the sauna environment. All scents and oils supplied by Finnmark are sourced from Finland; the sauna capital of the world. And all are made with natural plant extracts and molecules to provide a truly natural and traditional experience.

#2 Sauna Brushes, Scrubbers, and Whisks

One of the most recognised health benefits of sauna is its effects on maintaining and improving skin health and circulation. To increase these effects, Sauna whisks (also known as Vihtas or Vasta in Finnish) have been used in saunas for hundreds, and possibly thousands, of years. In modern society these whisks are often replaced by specially designed sauna brushes and scrubbers, but all make excellent additions to any sauna experience when used correctly.

One of their main purposes is to stimulate the opening of pores and oil-producing glands on the skin as well as to remove dead skin. Overall this greatly improves the appearance and health of skin and gives it a smoother and brighter appearance.

However, it is important to be aware of their separate, equally important functions. Sauna brushes and scrubbers are exceptionally good for helping the lymphatic system, which is the means by which infection-fighting white blood cells are moved throughout the body. However, this system relies on muscle and joint movements to help it move throughout the body, as it is not pumped by the heart. Strong strokes against the skin towards the heart when using either a brush or a scrubber works to move lymph throughout the body and greatly increase its ability to circulate effectively.

Sauna whisks, on the other hand, are an excellent and traditional way of cleansing and refreshing the skin while simultaneously creating a pleasant and authentic Finnish aroma throughout the sauna. They are usually made from birch due to its healing properties and the composition of its leaves, which contain the ideal blend of saponins and tannins to create a healthy natural 'soap'. When dipped in cold water during use they also have the added benefit of providing cool, refreshing relief during the sauna bath. Directions on how to use sauna whisks

#1 The Sauna Bucket and Ladle

Simple and elegant. You cannot have a traditional Finnish sauna without steam. And as the accessories that will be in the sauna for every bath, providing a welcome release of fresh steam whenever desired, it is important to invest in good products. Thanks to the enormous popularity of sauna use across Europe, design and style choice when it comes to sauna accessories are always on the rise.

The sauna bucket – or sauna pail – comes in all manner of colours and materials, as too does the sauna ladle– or sauna spoon. You can go traditional with the authenticity and sturdiness of wood – having the choice of cedar, bamboo, teak and all manner of different species to suit your personal style.

Or you can go bold and daring with the quirky aesthetic of a heat-stable plastic option. The Rento sauna accessories available on our website come in a wide range of striking colours and are made sustainably from birch trees.

Many individuals even combine these two options and go with a wooden bucket with a plastic insert. This gives the look and feel of a wooden pail, but with vastly increased longevity and durability as the plastic protects the wood from breaking down from repeated water exposure.

Then finally there is the option of colour-adonised aluminium. This sleek and elegant material also comes in a range of colours and with heat-treated bamboo handles for an overall silky and chic look that will last for many years.

Rento sauna bucket sauna pail in a range of colours and with heat-treated bamboo handles for an overall silky and chic look that will last for many years.

Whichever style is best for you, it is important to purchase products specially designed to withstand the heat and humidity of sauna use to ensure that they will last for a long time. The products stocked by Finnmark are exclusively designed by Finnish companies for Finnish saunas. They are designed and created with not only aesthetic beauty, but also endurance and longevity.