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Bespoke Outdoor/Garden Sauna Cabins

Bespoke Outdoor Sauna Cabin

So, you want to buy a bespoke outdoor sauna cabin?

At Finnmark, we aim to provide the complete sauna package using a wide range of the highest quality products and materials produced in Finland. Depending on your personal specification, design tastes and product choices, a bespoke sauna cabin can typically range from £15,000-£50,000, but larger, more complex builds can be more.

Finnmark help you at every step, from design, build and installation, ensuring the highest possible standards are maintained in every aspect of your sauna construction. Building a sauna cabin yourself can often be a difficult job with a number of steep learning curves. Knowing what materials to use, which fittings and fixtures will tolerate the high temperature, as well as knowing the optimum dimensions for your sauna can often be a confusing and difficult job, even for an experienced builder. It is our goal to ensure saunas remain a place of serene relaxation from installation to use, removing the hassle and stress of organising a self-build.

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