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Sauna Stones & Sauna Cover Stones

Sauna stones are typically hard wearing igneous stones, onto which water is poured. This is what creates the soft pleasant heat of an authentic Finnish sauna and the gentle steam or löyly. The sauna stones must be particular types of igneous rock as some stones can explode when heated and others release toxic gas. We recommend Finnish Olivine Diabase as it is durable and does not break down easily when water is added.

Your sauna stones should be replaced every few years depending on how regularly the heater is used. This ensures the stones remain large enough to provide adequate air gaps between the stones. This in turn allows air to circulate freely through the heater and prevents overheating - particularly important for electric sauna heaters.

Sauna cover stones disguise the Olivine Diabase sauna stones, creating a stylish surface finish to your sauna heater. The rounded diabase and white cover stones can be complimentary in any particularly refined sauna design.

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