Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #9: Emma O'Kelly | Finnmark Sauna - Finnmark Sauna

Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #9: Emma O'Kelly | Finnmark Sauna

Sep 19, 2023

In this episode of Sauna Twins podcast we are joined by Emma O’Kelly, a seasoned freelance journalist, esteemed contributing editor at Wallpaper*, and the brilliant mind behind the captivating book, “Sauna: The Power of Deep Heat.”  

Emma tells us how the idea for the book was born and how she met photographer Maija Astikainen to collaborate with. She talks about the different sauna experiences they had whilst travelling together across 11 countries, and what it was like to do research for the book. We discuss the new wave of sauna culture spreading across the UK, the history behind the tradition and how it can benefit us both mentally and physically by providing a space of relaxation and connection to nature. This episode celebrates the sauna experience and the power of deep heat. 

Emma's book is a beautifully illustrated guide to the world of sauna. It blends tradition and modernity, seamlessly integrating the importance of community, well-being, and the natural elements that lie at the heart of the age-old sauna tradition. The official book launch is on the 19th of September 2023, and you can pre-order your copy of "Sauna: The Power of Deep Heat" by clicking on the link below: 

"Sauna: The Power of Deep Heat" - Book by Emma O'Kelly. 


You can find Emma at or under the handle @emmaokelly10 on Instagram.  



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