HUUM CLIFF Mini Sauna Heater
HUUM CLIFF Mini Sauna Heater Safety Distances
UKU Local
Huum Wifi Controller/ Mirrored Glass

HUUM CLIFF Mini Electric Sauna Heater

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HUUM CLIFF Mini Electric Sauna Heater

About this HUUM Electric Sauna Heater 

*stones & controller to be purchased separately*

The HUUM CLIFF Mini is a slim electric sauna heater with remarkably small safety distances and an award winning design. 

The HUUM CLIFF Mini electric sauna heater is a slimmer version of the HUUM CLIFF, featuring a stylishly simplistic Nordic design. This sauna heater is a real space saver and perfect for small home saunas. Thanks to the well-optimized structure of the wall-mountable CLIFF Mini, required safety distances from the sides of the heater body are only 6cm. 


Controller: Depending on the controlling system you will opt for, the heater can be purchased either with the UKU Local (an easy-to use controller without Wi-Fi or mobile functionality), the UKU 4G/GSM (which connects to the HUUM mobile app through mobile data, so no Wi-Fi is needed) or the UKU Wi-Fi Controller (a remote-control option with Wi-Fi capabilities).  


Safety Distances: See the wider image bank of this heater for a diagram about this heater's safety distances:

3.5kW: A= 60 mm & B= 390 mm



5 Key Features of the HUUM CLIFF Mini Sauna Heater

  • Small safety distances
  • Internal air duct in the center speeds up heating by 25%
  • High stone capacity 
  • Stainless Steel
  • 5-year guarantee


About HUUM 

HUUM is the leading manufacturer when it comes to unique designs and technology. HUUM has been awarded for their innovative and stylish sauna products. In 2015, the DROP sauna heater won the Red Dot Award for Product Design. The inspiration for the HUUM products come from nature. Combined with age-old sauna knowledge, smart technology and modern Nordic design, the HUUM heaters are a stylish and robust choice for any sauna. The amount of stones in HUUM heaters are optimized for the perfect, soft steam experience. The innovative HUUM heaters are easy to use and have all been UK CA- certified.  


If you want to learn more about our HUUM heaters and explore more options, click on the following link: Our HUUM sauna heater collection.


HUUM UKU controllers 

The HUUM CLIFF Mini can be purchased either with the UKU Local, UKU GSM or The UKU Wi-Fi. Below are the features of the controller options.  

UKU Local: 

  • For heaters up to 9kW 
  • Connectable to lights/ventilation and steamer 
  • Overheating protection  
  • Timer 
  • Child safety lock  
  • Available in a number of different colours, including black, white, wooden surrounds


  • For heaters up to 18kW 
  • Remote control via mobile app
  • Connectable to lights/ventilation and steamer 
  • Overheating protection  
  • Timer 
  • Child safety lock 

UKU Wi-Fi:

  • For heaters up to 18 kW 
  • Remote control via mobile app; Android / iOS 
  • Connectable to lights 
  • Unlimited users 
  • Door magnet 
  • Overheating protection 
  • Timer 
  • Child safety lock 
  • Available in Black Glass or Mirror (Gold upon request too)



    Size of sauna
    3.5-6 m³
    Max. amount of stones
    60 kg
    Weight without stones
    15 kg
    Height of the sauna heater
    975 mm
    270 mm
    160 mm
    16 A
    Connecting cable
    3×2,5 (Nxmm²)
    Technical Specification
    Downloadable Files