Kota Inari Plus Wood Burning Sauna Heater 5 x 20kg Premium Vulcanite Sauna Stones Wood Burning Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Kota Inari Plus Wood Burning Sauna Heater  Wood Burning Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Kota Inari Plus Wood Burning Sauna Heater  Wood Burning Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Kota Inari Plus Wood Burning Sauna Heater  Wood Burning Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna

Kota Inari Plus Wood Burning Sauna Heater

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Product description

Product Description

The Kota Inari heater is also available in a 'plus' version with an accessory for the bottom part of the heater which increases its stone capacity. 

The Kota Inari wood burning sauna heater is the perfect choice for those who enjoy the beauty in simplicity and functionality. The heaters stylish yet pragmatic design is ideal to match the remote beauty of a countryside sauna cabin. The Inari boast a huge stone capacity that is visible through the stone cage, adding to the heaters rustic aesthetic. This large stone capacity provides an excellent ‘silken’ löyly that will be enjoyed by even the toughest outdoorsman!

The Inari is built to last with a strong cast iron frame, designed with frequent sauna-goers in mind. This wood burning sauna heater may be built with the outdoorsman in mind, but here at Finnmark we know that such hardy sauna-goers still enjoy the comfort of a wooden handle, the pleasing view of the flames through the glass door, and the easy fitting that comes with adjustable legs. We also know the outdoorsman has a great respect for nature, which is why this heater adheres to strict emissions standards and can be heated with only a few logs.

The Inari boast the ability to customise your flue pipe attachment point, meaning the exhaust can be attached to the top of the heater (standard) or attached at the rear by cutting a section from three of the steel wires that make up the stone basket.

Product Specification


Kota Inari Plus
Capacity of the sauna 8–18 m³
Measurements and weight
Height 77cm
Width 55cm
Diameter 55cm
Total weight / Amount of stones 151kg/ 90kg
Connective flue’s outer diameter 119mm
Connective flue from the lower corner of the floor 84cm*
Encasing black steel mesh
Safety distances**
To the sides 300mm
In front 500mm
Upwards 1280mm
To the rear 350mm

to be connected above the sauna heater with a chimney by means of 90° connective flue.

** Safety distances are to combustible materials.

Product Disclaimers

All Kota sauna products are CE tested and bear the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. This is awarded to sauna equipment that is made and designed in Finland, where over 95% or more of the production must be within Finland itself. There are many brands that claim to be made in Finland but are actually made in the Far East or Russia and merely assembled or labelled in Finland. Watch out for these symbols as a mark of an authentic, Finnish-made, safe, quality product:

Finnish Key Flag and CE Marked

As part of Finnmark Sauna's Endurance Ethos, we only deal in products that are market leaders in quality. We commit ourselves to search exhaustively for the highest quality authentic Finnish sauna products.

Please note, we recommend that sauna heaters should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician/builder/plumber/fitter. Finnmark Limited accepts no liability for loss or injury caused by the incorrect installation of your sauna heater. Please Contact Us if you require information on our recommended fitters.

Technical Specification
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