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Narvi Velvet Wood Burning Sauna Heater

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The quintessential sauna heater!

With Narvi’s quality focussed mentality, it is no surprise that their top class wood burning sauna heater is a cut above the rest. The Narvi Velvet perfectly twins Scandinavian elegant design and efficient functionality to create this, the quintessential sauna stove. This hand crafted heater is ideal for the true sauna connoisseur. The large stone capacity ensures a löyly that is second to none. For those who believe that one should never compromise on quality, the Narvi Velvet is for you!

 This iconic heater takes durability to the next level, its’ high quality fabrication ensures a particularly long lifespan and thanks to a replaceable firebox this heater will be a purchase your grandchildren will inherit! The double layered base decreases the amount of heat transfer from the underside of the heater to the floor and further strengthens this already extremely sturdy stove.

  • The glazed firebox hatch is an excellent choice for ensuring an even flame distribution within the heater whilst also creating a pleasing, cosy atmosphere. The wooden handles and cast iron latch twin perfectly, both comfort and durability, and are vital for ensuring personal safety and pleasantly cool handling during use.
  • Narvi heaters are market leaders in emissions and health & safety standards. A point of paramount importance when it comes to the ideal relaxation experience.
  • As with all Narvi, Aito and Kota heaters, 10mm thick steel is used for the firebox, extending time between servicing, a choice that that is borne out of their 'quality-first' ethos. This choice to use thicker, better quality steel than their competitors is one of Narvi's key distinguishing features.
Model Narvi Velvet
Capacity of the sauna 8 – 20 m³
Measurements and weight
Height 78 cm
Width 54 cm
Depth 58 cm
Total weight / Amount of stones 249 kg / 160 kg
Connective flue’s outer diameter 119 mm
Connective flue from the lower corner of the floor 60 cm
Safety distances*
To the sides 150 mm
In front 500 mm
Upwards 1220 mm
To the rear 200 mm

* Safety distances are to combustible materials.

All Narvi wood burning sauna heaters are CE tested and bear the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. This is awarded to sauna heaters that are made and designed in Finland, where over 95% or more of the production must be within Finland itself. There are many brands that claim to be made in Finland but are actually made in the Far East or Russia and merely assembled or labeled in Finland. Watch out for these symbols as a mark of an authentic, Finnish-made, safe, quality product:

Finnish Key Flag and CE Marked

As part of Finnmark Sauna's Endurance Ethos, we only deal in products that are market leaders in quality. We commit ourselves to search exhaustively for the highest quality authentic Finnish sauna products.

Please note, we recommend that sauna heaters should be installed by a suitably qualified builder/plumber/fitter. Finnmark Limited accepts no liability for loss or injury caused by the incorrect installation or misuse of your sauna heater. Please Contact Us if you require information on our recommended fitters.