Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #10: Nikita Miltiadou (Blue Mountains Sauna) | Finnmark Sauna

Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #10: Nikita Miltiadou (Blue Mountains Sauna) | Finnmark Sauna

Dec 15, 2023

Welcome to episode 10 of the Sauna Twins Podcast! In this wide-ranging conversation we are joined by a special guest all the way from Australia, Nikita Miltiadou from Blue Mountains Sauna. He is approaching the end of an exciting expedition to experience as many different types of saunas across Europe as possible. 

Nikita is the co-founder of Blue Mountains Sauna in Leura, a town in New South Wales about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney. Nikita shares the story behind Blue Mountains Sauna and their vision, attributing credit to his partner Inga Sommerfeld, who is half Russian, half German. Having grown up accustomed to the sauna, she was surprised by how hard it was to find a proper one in Australia. The idea for creating a Finnish-style public sauna came from her yearning for a traditional, European sauna experience. Blue Mountains Sauna was founded in 2022 and together with the team, they are on a mission to “spread the good heat.”  

Nikita made a detour in the North-East of England towards the end of his sauna pilgrimage across Europe to chat about the places he’s visited, most memorable “löylys,” how a public Finnish sauna found its way to the Australian mountains, sauna hats, heating methods, how sauna culture has spread across the world and is finding its footing in different countries, the global influx towards public saunas post COVID-19 and much more.  


You can find Blue Mountains Sauna on their official website at and follow Nikita and the team on Instagram @bmsauna 



As promised on the topic of the efficiency of heat pumps vs gas boilers, below are a few links for those whose interest this sparked: 


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