Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #11: Glenn Auerbach (SaunaTimes) | Finnmark Sauna

Sauna Twins Podcast Episode #11: Glenn Auerbach (SaunaTimes) | Finnmark Sauna

May 29, 2024

Join us for episode 11 of the Sauna Twins Podcast! We are joined by our good friend Glenn Auerbach from SaunaTimes in the US. Glenn is “a lifelong student of authentic sauna” and dedicated to helping people discover and create good sauna experiences.  

Glenn is the founder of SaunaTimes and the writer of “Sauna Build, From Start to Finnish,” which is a book on how to build your own sauna. His sauna journey began in 1985 on his hitch hike around Europe and the first surprising sauna experience in Scandinavia, which lead to found inspiration of spreading the joy of heat. Glenn is a founding board member of the Sauna Research Institute, Vice president of the 612 Sauna Society, member of the North America Sauna Society and the list goes on. You can also listen to Glenn’s Sauna Talk Podcast, where he talks to aficionados within the world of sauna.  

Glenn talks about his sauna journey, starting from his initial experience of taking sauna every evening whilst on vacation in the Finnish/Swedish archipelago as a young man, through the process of starting Sauna Times as a vehicle to document how to build a sauna.

During our conversation with Glenn, we also talked about the recently held UK Sauna Summit, how he originally got into the world of sweatbathing, sharing cultural insights from across the pond, chatting about community saunas and the "holy trinity" within the sauna world.

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