Designing and building the perfect sauna with Dr Al Liikkanen

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16 May
We are often contacted by people wanting to know the perfect sauna build. Naturally, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and there is often a lot of misinformation published by companies trying to encourage you to use their expensive and often superfluous products. Dr Al Liikkanen, a Finnish PhD in Technology and Product Development is a real sauna lover and has dedicated himself to designing the perfect sauna.

He is currently producing a blog on sauna design, which lists the perfect set-up, from dimensions to fitting out the sauna. The blog is available in both Suomi (Finnish) and English, and is the ideal tool for self-builders and architects to get the tried and tested ultimate sauna experience.

We will regularly post links to his blog pages as he writes more and more on what exactly makes the quintessential sauna.

The first installment of his blog can be found here:


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