Narvi Ultra Big Large Commercial Electric Sauna Heater Narvi Ultra Big 33kW Commercial Electric Sauna Heater / C-2003 controller unit / 6 x 20kg Premium Vulcanite Sauna Stones Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Ultra Big Large Commercial Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Ultra Big Large Commercial Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Ultra Big Large Commercial Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna
Narvi Ultra Big Large Commercial Electric Sauna Heater  Electric Sauna Heater Finnmark Sauna

Narvi Ultra Big Large Commercial Electric Sauna Heater

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Product description

Designed for large commercial saunas.

Product Description

The Narvi Ultra Big large commercial electric sauna heater is ideal electric heaters for large commercial saunas fitted in gyms, spas, hotels and wellness retreats. These heaters can also be fitted in large personal or group saunas. They are the perfect choice for demanding usage requirements, such as being active all day, every day. The Ultra Big is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind commercial heater. No other sauna heater on the market combines the authentic Finnish sauna experience that comes with such a large stone capacity, with such an outstanding build quality and durability. When it comes to heating large authentic commercial saunas, there is no better option that the Narvi Ultra Big.

The Ultra Big is a larger version of the Narvi Ultra and similarly is stainless steel inside and out, with some of the highest material thicknesses on the market. The elements have a market leading thickness and grade, making this the ideal heater for frequent use where water can and should be poured over the stones.

It is certainly true that there are sauna heaters and there are sauna heaters. This is also very much the case for commercial heaters. Most modern hidden/behind-the-bench heaters and commercial heaters simply act as a heater with no stones. This creates an unpleasant löyly and is nothing like the very relaxing and enjoyable experience of authentic Finnish sauna. Sadly however, this is the experience that many of the British public attribute to sauna from their brief encounter with their local health club. This heater will set your sauna apart from the competition by being one of the few truly authentic Finnish electric sauna heaters in the U.K.

The Ultra Big series combines Narvi's renowned build quality and longevity with their market leading stone capacity to provide a commercial heater that is simply like no other on the market. Show your customers what it means to relax and enjoy a true Finnish sauna, with a genuine Finish-made, Finnish-designed commercial sauna heater.

The sauna heater is controlled from a separate control panel that can be installed where required. 

Control panel C-2003 for use with the Narvi Ultra Big.

- Heater temperature control 40°C - 115°C (in 1°C steps)
- Temperature display 20°C - 125°C
- 14 memory locations for switch on time (2 times a day)
- The programmed switching-on time can be bypassed
- Switching-on time 6h, 12h, 18h or continuous time
- Control for sauna room lights
- External temperature sensor for sauna room
- Same timer as weekly timer, but two settings/day possible

There is also a thermostat unit, separate from the control panel that ensures that the sauna is kept at the desired temperature. The Ultra Big Control panel C-2003 can be purchased together with the heater at a discount and is also sold separately. The Narvi Ultra Big Power Supply Unit is to be purchased separately.

Product Specification

Model Ultra Big 18 kW Ultra Big 24 kW Ultra Big 30 kW Ultra Big 33 kW
Capacity of the sauna 18–30 m³ 27–40 m³ 40–56 m³ 46–66 m³
 Power 18 kW 24 kW 30 kW 33 kW
Measurements and weight
Height 68 cm 68 cm 68 cm 68 cm
Width 86 cm 86 cm 86 cm 86 cm
Depth 49 cm 49 cm 49 cm 49 cm
Heater weight / Amount of stones 57 kg / 120 kg 57 kg / 120 kg 57 kg / 120 kg 57 kg / 120 kg
Encasing stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel
Safety distances*
To the sides 160 mm 160 mm 200 mm 200 mm
 In front 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
 Upwards 1400 mm 1400 mm 1500 mm 1500 mm

 * Safety distances are to combustible

About Narvi Oy

Product Disclaimers

All Narvi commercial sauna heaters are CE tested and bear the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. This is awarded to sauna heaters that are made and designed in Finland, where over 95% or more of the production must be within Finland itself. There are many brands that claim to be made in Finland but are actually made in the Far East or Russia and merely assembled or labeled in Finland. Watch out for these symbols as a mark of an authentic, Finnish-made, safe, quality product:

Finnish Key Flag and CE Marked

As part of Finnmark Sauna's Endurance Ethos, we only deal in products that are market leaders in quality. We commit ourselves to search exhaustively for the highest quality authentic Finnish sauna products.

Please note, we recommend that electric sauna heaters should be installed by a suitably qualified electrician/builder/fitter. Finnmark Limited accepts no liability for loss or injury caused by the incorrect installation of your sauna heater. Please Contact Us if you require information on our recommended fitters.

Technical Specification
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